Friday, May 7, 2010


What a difference a few weeks make. Patty is gone to her new home and Jack goes on Saturday. They will be missed but we hope they both have a fabulous life. The transition should be pretty smooth considering they are already crate trained and housebroken on top of their great start in basic training. I wish my puppies came that way!

I put together an extra set of APDT rally signs and notebooks with rules and guidelines for the handlers. I am hoping to have the next dog and handler teams on the K-9 Corrections program pass a level 1 rally course as their graduation. I think this will be a fun and challenging addition to our training. With the signs in their possession they can practice more on their own time as well as during our formal training sessions. I also ordered the APDT Rally DVD. (since I am also a beginner at APDT rally we will be learning some of this at the same time) I chose APDT over the AKC rally because there are local APDT certified judges in the area that have agreed to test the handlers for their graduation. (Thank you Wag It!)

I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress. Good luck to Patty and Jack!!

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Jen said...

aw! they look so awkwardly cute :)

Good luck to both!