Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A guessing game

Guess the reason for x-ray and for a bonus the dogs breed as well. This is not a client at our clinic. Great clarity isn't it? I find x-rays facinating.

I'm sorry I do not remember where I got these photos nor have a follow up on the dog. Hopefully the dog recovered with no lasting side effects.


jen said...

Hm... did it swallow something?


Ruth said...

Not a vet, but in the first one it looks like theres something in the dogs neck

Marie said...

Ruth is on the right track. Can you tell what it is? And not a doberman.

Ruth said...

whatever it is, its either attached to a chain, or its leaving pieces behind it (pieces of itself or bone, but looks like pieces of itself). I sincerly hope for the dog's sake its not a bullet, but I can't tell what it is from the shapes on the xrays.

and I've no idea what kind of dog it is lol

Marie said...

It is unfortunatly a bullet. The dog is a pitbull. I wish I had more details but that is all I can remember. Hopefully the dog made a full recovery.

Ruth said...

Huh, hadn't thought it had the right skull shape for a pittie, goes to show what I know.

Poor puppy!