Friday, May 27, 2011

Life with a big hairy dog.

Today after work I decided to trim Jacks feet and do his nails. Well that led to some brushing out which then led to this photo:

Yeah and I'm not done yet. The winter coat is trying to hang on. I had to pick most of it up afterwards so people wouldn't think I'd murdered a small animal in my yard. Jenny thinks shedding is stupid by the way.

Since it was nice and cool out I decided to take Jack for a walk after his grooming session. He was NOT impressed that the Loyal Biscuit was closed. He even stood and whined at the door when I tried to walk by. I guess he doesn't mind his baths there if he still wants to visit! Maybe he knows I ordered him a new collar and is trying to make a pick up. (I can't wait to show it off.)

They are also bringing in a new line of collars and leashes that I absolutely LOVE. (To be announced by them soon I am sure.) This of course means I will be spending even more money on my dogs wardrobe in the future. ~sigh~ I guess there are worse things I could be buying though. What do YOU spend to much money on for your dogs?

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2dogcrazy said...

Toys. I can't walk past them without wondering if This Supposedly Indestructible Toy will hold up to Kane, or if I remember where he dropped his chuck-it ball and whether I should get another two-pack just in case, or maybe I should get him another tug rope because the 6 he has is definitely not enough. :-)

And now with a new puppy in the house it's double the temptation. :-)