Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things that bring out my inner sniper.

Check out this disturbing story I saw over at Raised by Wolves. I have no words. Well actually I have a few choice words for those supposedly "educated" professionals. Go sign the petition and spread the word. I think if we can share the story maybe enough pressure will be put on the idiots to reconsider their "finding". Or at least give the dog a retest that might actually be FAIR for the dog. Say in a quiet room and by the actual rules of the SAFER test. Of course if you are trying to find an excuse to kill a dog then by all means write down what you WANT to see, not the reality. (shoving a fake hand into the dogs mouth so she chews it isn't biting FYI)

I have one word for those asshats, it is Karma.


2dogcrazy said...

The sad thing is that these were actually truly good dogs. My friend who lives in the Detroit area was involved with these dogs towards the middle of the developing situation with them.

Here is a write-up she did detailing her personal experiences with at least one of the dogs, Dusty, who she brought into her home and allowed to play with her dogs. Complete with doggy fun at poolside.

Marie said...

Thank you for the link. I will share on FB and hope that people sign the petition. I dont know what more we can do but pray these dogs get saved by RATIONAL people.