Friday, September 26, 2008

Before and After ~ A grooming tale

This could also be called, Jack the hairy beast. Here is Jack last September (I think) during an attempt of mine, pitiful though it was, to stack him. I show you this so you get an idea just how thick his coat is normally. Though it doesn't show just how long his back bloomers usually are. (more before pics can be seen in the right side photo area)

Here is the haircut I gave him in progress sometime last month. It started with a hot spot on his back that I shaved to help with the healing. Then for some silly reason I thought I would take more of his coat off due to a slow shedding season. (Tip you HAVE to brush them out first or the clippers do not go through the coat. So it is a falicy that a cut will save you time.)
And an after photo. You can see I only really took off the back end bloomers and leg fur. Which made him look abit front heavy.

And here he is with a REAL haircut from the groomer. Wow look at that, it's even!His side view before groomer, after home cut:
And after groomer.
So there you have it folks. The best evidence for investing the time into a professional IF you decide to ever shave a dog. (which isn't always recommended, is not something I ever thought I would do, and is fodder for another post) Thanks to Yankee Clipper in Rockport for always doing such a great job with Jack. He loves going there for baths and I don't know what I was thinking denying him the real deal.
On another note, his fur is growing back a bit slowly for my taste in the hot spot area. That coupled with a few odd episodes of him losing balance and losing some weight has made me do a blood draw for a full panel thyroid test through MSU. I'll get the results next week. Wish us luck in figuring out what is going on.

Hunting season has begun here in Maine and this is Jenny licking the moose blood off my husbands shoes. He has a side business as a game butcher, a fact the dogs love due to all the extra bones they get.
Jack and Jenny playing on Jacks new winter bed. Thanks to Lauren at the Loyal Biscuit Company for such great deals. The new plane toy was given to Jack by his aunt Monica. (mom of Nani and Tomo, also akitas) If you look past Jacks head you can see Missy in her crate chewing a bone. She is to much of a diva to lower herself to "associating with the peasants" in actual play very often.
Jenny is chewing the toy and Jack is flea bitting Jenny.

He won this round.

Jenny also loves the new bed. The pet stairs to the couch are something I got for our frenchie Missy because she would occasionally strain her back jumping down to the floor. Heavy bodied dog, short legs, a disaster waiting to happen. We haven't had another problem since and I highly recommend them.
Edge detail. Isn't it beautiful?
So that about sums up my week. Groomer, vet, shopping. Oh and some work thrown in just to keep my head above water.

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