Monday, September 15, 2008

Client updates, shoe info & looking for a bulldog

Check out this cutie Lola. She is a chi X that was rescued from a not so great situation. Now she is in a fabulous home with a wonderfully involved owner. I got an update from her the other day with this photo and things are going very well for them both.

I know I have been bad about posting client pics but the truth is I don't always remember to bring my camera. Sometimes I bring it and still forget to get a photo. I am there to help with training or behavior issues after all, not to make their dog a super model. Thankfully some owners are willing to e-mail me pics of their 4 legged family members like Lola's mom. I'll try to be better in the future because I love sharing the photos but now you know why some weeks are more photo heavy with client pics than others.

In other news I have discovered that crocs, the rubber shoe, is the best shoe available to step in dog poo while wearing. Why you ask? Well because not only are they easy to hose off, the treads are shallow enough that you can scrape them across the grass and it all comes off smoothly. Of course I try to avoid the dog bombs in the yard and am usually pretty good about daily clean ups but apparently I missed some the other day. Hence my "learning moment". Just thought I would pass it on.

Also an update on the Primal patties. It turns out the chicken ones have a much nicer smell than the beef. I also stumbled across a great new blog written by a raw food feeder. Check out Raw Pets. (also an added link on my blogroll) She makes me motivated to try some real raw in the future. Of course this means I would have to prepare stuff which may be challenging for me. Hey we all have our limits. And here is another cool website I found:

My sister is looking to add a new bulldog to her home. Those who follow the blog may remember her boy Zeus who she lost earlier this year.

He had some behavior issues and also drew the genetic short straw. If anyone near Maine has any leads on a bulldog that needs a home please contact me directly at They are willing to travel. The dog will need to be good with other dogs, because I will be babysitting for her when needed, and it has to be good with children. (They have a special needs child in the home.) I know, kind of a tall order. This isn't ordering a happy meal after all. She is also looking into reputable breeders. (a topic for another post I hope to make soon) I know some wonder if there is such a thing when you are talking about such a man made breed. Sometimes you do the best you can when you fall in love with a certain kind of dog and want another one. At least she knows what she is getting into with potential vet bills having been there and done that. She is a great dog owner and all leads are appreciated.

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