Sunday, September 14, 2008

Progress report & photos

I think we are about two weeks in on the new raw food and one week for the dehydrated. Here is a photo of the Primal chopped and ready to go. I am adding some fish oil to Jacks portion as he is having some skin and coat issues. We had blood drawn last week for a thyroid test just to cover all of our bases since it can be an issue in akitas. Plus the fur is growing back really slow from his healing hotspot. Doesn't this look yummy?

And this is the dehydrated mixed and ready to go. They get this for breakfast and the primal patties for dinner. The Primal smells terrible to me, the dogs however seem to love it. The dehydrated doesn't have much smell and compared to the Primal is it a regular rose garden. But again I am super sensitive to smells. The dogs seem to like it all immensely so I will keep on with it. I will probably add some other raw foods as we go but for now the pre-mixed works great for my schedule. Even though Jenny HATES waiting for her breakfast in the mornings. The dehydrated needs to set for a few minutes so there is a wait time involved.

Here is a better pic of the prison dog Danno. Doesn't he look sweet? (excuse the nylon collar it is temporary til I get him a martingale)

I have some sad news to share about one of our previous graduates Diamond. He was the border collie we had on the program. It turns out he developed a fast moving cancer and had to be put down recently. At least his last year was one spent with a loving family and not at the end of his former chain.

Here is a pic one of the kids took of me during "puter time". While it isn't the most flattering photo of me, I thought it was cute to see all the dogs crashed out. Those are my favorite rubber ducky jammy bottoms. (Excuse the hair, I am in a growing out phase.)

You can see part of Jack's haircut. I vastly over estimated my skills with the clippers so he now has an appointment with his groomer to "fix" him. I'll post the embarrassing pics of him when I get him looking better.

Another pic one of the kids took. This seems to be her favorite crash position.

I caught them during a play session over the stuffed bear. I couldn't resist the pic because Jack rarely gets all the way on the couch. (Why do they always stop when I point the camera at them? Paparazzi shy perhaps?)

This is what Missy does when they start horsing around. This isn't even her crate but it had the chewie in it she prefers.

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