Saturday, October 25, 2008

Danno Graduates

Danno graduated from K-9 Corrections and went home with his new person today. She fell in love with his photo from the website because he looks like a dog she grew up with. Upon meeting him she knew he was the dog destined for her. I hope they have a wonderful life together. We will miss him.

He was a very quick study and knew how to relax during break time.
A very handsome dog. Would you believe he was left tied to the shelter doorstep one morning?

Here are a couple of videos of him during training. (excuse the poor quality) The first is him heeling. He was lagging a bit more than I would like. Not to bad for new off leash work though. Just needs more practice and polish. The second is him doing a sit, down, sit recall routine. (some call that push ups, sit, down, sit, down) I was trying to show how happily he works. My handler was new and is doing a fantastic job learning everything I am throwing at him. He can't wait to start the next dog.

Have a great life Danno!!

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