Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poor Jenny

Some raw feeding humor.

So friday morning I ended up having to get Jenny into the vet because she was itchy. Bye bye sleeping time. I saw it coming on and had given her an oatmeal bath on thursday morning. Friday morning when I let her out of her crate the previously pink areas were worse and she had scratched herself raw in a couple of places. She is so naked under her belly and legs as it is so any little skin thing shows up easily. It was my fault because I tried to switch her to a different kibble for her breakfast. I thought if I could get her on the same stuff Jack and Missy were eating it would make life easier. No dice. The vet agreed with me that it was proabably a reaction to the food switch. She gave her a vetalog injection to calm the itchness down and gave me a topical to use as well. I was sleep deprived just coming off a shift and didn't think to try benedryl first. (she told me the proper dose while I was there for next time)

In light of this I decided to put Jenny on full raw. It's a little more work but since she has the food issues I think it is the best option for her. On the off chance it was a reaction to a new supplement I started adding called Missing Link I am not giving her that for awhile either. I will slowly add that back after a week or so and watch her closely.

Poor miss Jenny.

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