Monday, October 27, 2008

Function in fashion with a dash of fun

Jenny and I went for a walk today and stopped by The Loyal Biscuit Company to look for something to keep her warm during potty breaks. It is getting pretty cold here in Maine. She is lacking of her own coat in a big way so she needs a little help in that department. Since I had my camera with me it became a bit of a fashion show.

I like this one but they didn't have her size in red.

This one would be great for being in the woods during hunting season, not enough coverage underneath I am afraid for what I wanted.

I like the ease of getting this one on and off but it is more of a lightweight spring coat.

Same coat as above, it was reversible. Two styles in one. Very cute!

Not a great shot of this one, it has cute curlies on the sides. It is also a step in that Velcros down the back, much easier to put on that a normal sweater. This is the one we took home today. Jenny was cooperative tho not very thrilled with the whole process. While we were there this cutie came in to get a new coat too. She is a 3 month old Chihuahua named Roxy.
Jenny says hello.
Here they are with Roxys big sister Lou Lou. It was little dog day at the shop I guess.
Here is Missy in Jennys new coat. It is amazing that it fit her too. Frenchies are so chesty. (Fido Fleece brand, size 14 for those that are curious) I left the neck open a bit because it was snug thru that area.

She does not look impressed does she? I took some video of Missy and Jack playing but it was horribly dark and you could barely see there were dogs in it. I'll try to get some of them in better light to share.
Tomorrow I am off in search of a dremel to use on their nails. (after some cc to acclimate them to it of course) Jennys get long fast and Missys grow so close to the pads they are very hard to trim with clippers. I'm sure Home Depot will have something suitable. (I never had these problems with akitas! VBG)


Sharon said...

How sweet! And Halloween is just round the corner too.

Lauren Hinsman said...

We carry the Peticure...if you are interested!