Thursday, October 30, 2008

My favorite thing

There is nothing I love more than watching dogs play. With each other, with their toys or joining in with me. The joyous jumping around and racing of the dogs, the twinkle in their eye when you play the chase game, the relaxed look of pleasure on their faces during a pause. It is all just so much fun. You can even learn things about individual personalities by watching groups of dogs or puppies playing among themselves. And it is also interesting to see different dogs or breeds with different play styles. Play is an important part of our lives with our dogs. It is even the reason some people have dogs, to have fun with them.

For a more in depth look at play in dogs check out Patricia McConnells blog with details on some studies being done on the subject.

And for fun check out the video of Jack playing with Dash a couple of winters ago.

Now go play with your dogs!

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