Monday, November 24, 2008

Has anyone ever seen this before?

This is Birdie and my sister. Birdie was adopted by a mutual friend from a shelter out west. We have no idea what breed she is or is a mix of. We don't really care because she is sweet and friendly and a fabulous dog.

These are her housemates. A male Rhodesian Ridgeback named Xindika on the left and a female Greyhound named Nellie on the right. Sorry I didn't get more pics, I was trying to not be that annoying person with the camera. (I was at a going away party.)

The interesting thing is this:

Birdie has NO pink spot on her belly. It is completely covered with fur.

Now I have seen alot of dogs. Between working at a vets office and the 100's of shelter dogs over the years I have never run across this before. It made me curious. Has anyone seen this before or have any thoughts?


Dr Jeannie said...

She looks like a greyhound to me. Lovely dog! She is blessed to have been adopted by your sister!

Caveat said...

She could be a whippet mix, but I don't play that game much anymore now that it can be a deadly one.

She may have been kept outside, dogs tend to grow more hair when exposed to the weather. Even smooth coats get thicker in the winter.

Otherwise, it may be just one of those super cool canine mutations that pop up.

M Du Toit said...

Well I couldn't tell what breed she is or what mix, but the important things is that she is part of a loving and good family. My Border Collie's tummy is also covered with hair and I have seen that before especially with dogs with longer hair.