Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catching up

Or A.K.A. ....... yes I am still alive.

Please excuse the short hiatus. When I get behind the blog is the first thing to go, followed closely by e-mail. (so if you haven't heard from me....) I am behind on my blog reading as well if that makes anyone feel any better.

I am loving the new job. I feel sort of useless because I am in training and can't really do much until I learn the computer system better. But the people are awesome and I get to be around animals all day long. What could be better than that? Plus I get a real lunch hour that I can jet home to get the dogs out for a quick outing on the days the husband works and can't do it. Never under estimate the value of a well timed potty break.

I have a bunch of back logged ideas to blog about but am short on time this evening. I just wanted to post so that people wouldn't get worried that I fell off the face of the earth.

Chloie is doing awesome and is available for adoption. She knows all the basics, sit, down, come, heel, etc. She is also crate trained and knows a bunch of tricks. High five, shake, roll over and wave goodbye. Plus we finally taught her to play. It took awhile but it was so worth it. It is so great to watch her play with real joy. She has come a long way from the over excited and neglected dog that arrived at the shelter.
In other VERY exciting news check out my friends website that launched this week: I am very happy for them. It looks fantastic. (Go check it out.)

Todays photos? Well don't tell anyone but I admit I actually like this haircut on poodles. I have no earthly idea why. But really, who can blame me? Isn't he cute?


Caveat said...

I hear you. I've only put up a couple of howdy things since before Christmas.

I enjoyed my vacation and think I will make it an annual thing.

You're not alone about the poodle clip - I've always loved the 'lion cut' myself and if I had a poodle, I'd do it. I prefer the English Saddle (the one where they have short pants on the hind end) to the Continental (the bare-bum version). Judges like the Continental because they can see the dog under all the hair - which can hide a lot of defects.

Katie said...

I'm so glad the new job is going well! I can't wait to hear more about it.

My favorite poodle 'do is cords. A corded Continental = to die for. But I'd never want to live with it!

Caveat said...

btw Congrats on your new job! I'm behind in checking my fave blogs.