Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who wants a Kong?

My camera and I aren't on speaking terms tonight so bear with me. I have been forced to steal photos from websites instead.

Jack's new collar came in. I ordered it through the Loyal Biscuit and she gets them from If it Barks.

It is called Midnight Snow. I love snowflakes. Especially ones I don't have to shovel. It looks amazing on him. Well when you can see it, he is pretty fluffy after all. I got the one inch in a medium. Thanks to Lauren I also found a new extra hard edible dog treat. Great for keeping those teeth clean if you aren't into bones for your dogs or if they have allergies. They are made from dried sweet potato and come in pieces or chips. Missy the frenchie and Jenny the pug both give them 4 paws up. Jack is lazy and wasn't as into them but he can be fussy when he wants. (he ate the samples just fine I will note) Check out the Loyal Biscuit Blog for more info about them. (also at )

I have started keeping a raw food journal. I figure this way if Jenny ever gets itchy I don't have to rely on my faulty memory to recall when I've mixed up recently. The jig is up at work. At least one of the doctors now knows I feed a partially raw diet. It was a short conversation just before afternoon appointments and I think it went ok. It was bound to happen eventually. She mentioned a book I should read. I have one I can trade her for. VBG

I bought one of the blue kongs at work today. I am now up to 19 total. (7 large, 12 medium) Why so many? Well I hate to wash them. This way I can stuff them and have them in the freezer waiting and only have to wash and restuff them about once a week. If it's been a busy week for me and the dogs are home alone alot that is. So far it has worked out well with my husband having days off when I work so he is with them unless he has errands to run. I'm also trying to get more colored ones for Jenny so it is easier for the kids or DH when they have to kong them. Jacks are bigger so his are easy to dish out. Missy can't reach the bottom of hers like Jenny can so the smaller ones are stuffed differently for each dog. This means you have to pay attention who gets which of the smaller kongs.

I am a HUGE fan of using kongs for dogs. It is one of the best self rewarding toys out there. I always give a stuffed kong when my dogs are crated or left alone for any length of time. This creates the opposite of separation anxiety. When I get ready to leave, if I'm not fast enough, Jenny starts running into her crate whining waiting for me to leave so she can have her special treat. (that is the only time they get them) I ask "Who wants a kong?" when I am about to leave and they all run into their crates or to their spots and wait.

They even make a kong dispenser that holds 4 kongs and spits one out every so many hours for dogs left home alone. I'm thinking that might work best for dogs without other dogs home to compete with over resources. (or you might need two dispensers on the same timer) I also know people that stuff their dogs meals in the kongs so they have to work for their food. A great idea for dogs who eat to fast. You can put anything in a kong, kibble, cheese, chicken, canned food, yogurt, the list is endless. Or instead of stuffing them full you can just smear a bit of peanut butter around the insides. I use peanut butter frequently in mine with some added kibble or a hard to get out evo brand treat. (they make the perfect size hearts and donut shapes to fit in kongs)

I always freeze mine to keep the innards fresh and to make it more challenging to get the stuffing out. Make sure you don't use one that is to big for your dog or they can get the stuff out to easily. Part of what makes them a great toy is the challenge. Make sure it isn't small enough to be a choking hazard either.

Besides the kong there are other toys that are interactive on the market as well. From the buster cube to the canine genius, there are many options. I just find the Kong to be a nice durable product that my dogs happen to love.

What are YOUR dogs favorite toys?


shirley said...

everlast rubber balls filled with food,
kongs filled with food,
omega paw tricky treat ball filled with .. food.

she does play with squeaky plush toys, but mostly only to get our attention, a love of which was cultivated through various associations with FOOD.

i've given her bully sticks, but they disappear in 10minutes max. but the joy when she got a nice raw (frozen) soup bone, she chewed on that thing for a full hour! best nap i've ever had

Katie said...

My dogs get peanut butter smeared marrow bones whenever I leave. They hear the bones hit the counter where the peanut butter is and all run to their crates and start salivating :)

I really should use stuffed Kongs more because they take longer to finish and they're more mentally stimulating. When Luce had her knee surgeries she was fed almost exclusively from Kongs because it kept her busy.

just in luv said...

That collar is gorgeous! I really want to stop into The Loyal Biscuit and get the pups new collars now! :]

Kongs are fantastic! They even make a fabulous, tiny little ferret version that I can cram with treats! :]

My doggies love stuffies (though they don't last long) and tuggy rope toys. Tennis balls are a favorite, until they get popped (or lost in the snow, this time of year... when we get the spring thaw I bet I will find a dozen tennis balls and marrow bones out in the yard...)

lin said...

My pup won't work very hard at her Kong. She'll eat all the stuff she can easily reach w/ her tongue, and then leave all the peanut butter in the middle (which makes it no fun to clean!) The Busy Buddy Twist n Treat works pretty well, because I can graduate the difficulty of the access.

Does the sweet potato last? Pup will break off rawhide in huge hunks, so they last about 10 minutes (and I worry that she'll choke). She does love bully sticks, and they last longer. I've also found she'll eat pressed rawhide, and they're a lot cheaper than bullies.

Marie said...

Lin, try putting pieces of chicken or something extra yummy into the kong before the peanut butter so it is in the bottom. Perhaps that will garner more interest.

For my chewers the sweet potato isn't long lasting. It is more about it being extra hard and crunchy. Nice for teeth cleaning if you don't feed raw bones.