Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love my groomer

So today Jack went to his groomer Yankee Clipper. He loves his spa days and they all love him there too. The owner of the shop, Liz Czak, used to raise and show akitas herself so I have always felt very comfortable leaving him in their hands. I started taking him when he was just a pup so he got used to it gradually. (short visits initially) He goes for a bath and brush out regularly now and I have to admit I feel no guilt about not doing it myself. Being a longcoated akita makes for much more to groom. I did my other two akitas myself but it was never something I looked forward to. My poor back was always out of whack for days afterwards. Even when I used the humane societies raised tub. Bathing an akita is no picnic for me. It is well worth the cabbage it costs in my book. While I was there I also told her about Chloie so she could keep an eye open for a potential suitable home.

While Jack is away getting beautified my bath day routine consists of washing all the dog bedding and vacuuming the whole house, and mopping floors. No sense sending him out to get clean to come home and lay in dog fur dust bunnies. I made a busy day of it by also washing all the bowls, stuffed toys, chew toys, bones and even his collar too.

The girls had their spa day at home on Thursday night. The one best tip I have for anyone to bathe a dog at home is to invest in a shower hose long enough to use in their tub. It does wonders. Especially because rinsing out the soap is the most important part of any pet bath. If you don't, you risk having an itchy dog and the possibility of impending hot spots. (which can equal an unwelcome vet bill) The hose is so much more effective and faster than the old cup method. Baths, nail trims and even ear cleaning was all accomplished.

Even though grooming day still means work for me I love it. Jack comes home all pretty and fresh smelling and I have a clean house by the end of the day as well. I'm certainly no clean freak by anyones definition but a clean house gives a certain satisfaction. Even for the domestically challenged such as myself.

When I went in my bedroom to put away some clothes and Jack followed me and put himself to bed. I guess bath day is a long one for him too.


Lauren Hinsman said...

I love him.

Nate the Dog Training Guy said...

Since, we don't have a specified tub for our Golden Retriever, we improvise and use the kiddie pool with lots of soap. This works really well, especially after he investigates all the mud puddles in the spring thaw. Great to hear these other tips though.