Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shelter Dog Prevention Month & my bookshelf

Because I don't have enough books in my house, (ha ha ha) I ordered yet another. "Changing people. Changing dogs. Positive solutions for difficult dogs" by Dee Ganley. The funny thing is I can't remember what sparked me getting this particular book. Was it about a client and a dog or did one of mine push me to an edge one day? Hard to believe considering in the realm of behavior none of mine come close to being considered difficult. Jenny is higher maintenance but only compared to our other two. Or am I just trying to justify buying yet another dog book.

Speaking of books-

DogStarDaily has declared January as Shelter Dog Prevention Month. So to help keep dogs in their homes DSD is giving away FREE copies of "After you get your puppy" by Dr. Ian Dunbar.
This is a PDF form of his full book. This has great tips of everything you need to do with your new puppy to teach it the skills you will need to help keep that puppy from ending up in a shelter. (like socialization and teaching bite inhibition) PLEASE if you know anyone with a new puppy, have a new puppy yourself, or know someone thinking of getting a puppy, pass this info along on or take advantage yourself and check it out. Many dogs that end up in shelters are there because someone didn't do the work they needed to prevent behavior problems or they didn't know what to do to help themselves with their puppy. Having a new puppy is more than just potty training after all.
Also a heads up. I saw on a dog food label that some are labeling corn as Maize now. (Maize is just another word for corn.) Tricky tricky!!! I am thinking about ordering this book.
I have already read it and love most of the info. (tho she isn't a fan of raw diets and I am) She teaches you how to read pet labels by explaining the ingredients as well as telling you what exactly is in pet foods. I know I have mentioned this book here several times. It isn't for the weak of stomach at all but has great info if you are worried about your pets diet. I want to get the newest edition and see what she has changed or added.
And this one has caught my eye.
It is about the pet food recall and how it relates to what is going into people food as well as pet foods. Not for anyone who prefers the ignorance is bliss approach from what I can tell.

I also e-mailed Sports Illustrated and finally heard back about how I can order some of the December copies for the prison program.

And for fun a cute ad on YouTube:

I have survived the first week at the new job and am feeling much less useless. I am up to answering phones now and am getting the hang of their computer program. I have also gotten some hands on time with a couple of dogs and seen a very large snake up close and personal. (he was beautiful) My husband bought me a cute dog related scrub top to wear and a pair of Klog shoes which I can now highly recommend for anyone standing on their feet all day. (tip: check out the nursing section)

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Katie said...

I have the Pet Food Politics book as well, though I haven't read it yet. It looks really good. I have a huge stockpile of books that I need to work through. Before they take over the entire house and eat me alive.