Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A certain amount of stress

My week isn't over and I have to admit a certain amount of stress already. The good news is that Missy came through her surgery today just fine. We removed 5 lumps, 2 of which were suspicious enough to be sent for biopsy. We know at least one is definitely a mast cell tumor hence the reason for a surgery in the first place. She was not impressed with the day at all and let us know it at the top of her lungs as soon as she woke up. It is the first time I have ever heard her howl. It had the distinctive frenchie scream incorporated occasionally as well. Not a fun sound at all. The poor thing has a bit of the frankendog look right now with all of her stitches. (rear, back, side, and leg) I couldn't bear to take a photo to share, she looks so pathetic. She is currently sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia and pain medication. She definitely had a long stressful day.

On another note I have somehow tweaked some ligaments in my upper back/lower neck last week. It didn't get better on its own so yesterday I saw my chiropractor and he had to do the full works on me. Unfortunately it will be a few days until I am right again. Having to work means I can't take any real pain meds if I want to be able to function so ibuprofen is currently my best friend right now. Being in pain for so long gives me a new appreciation for anyone dealing with chronic pain daily. It is not something I would wish on anyone. I can't wait until I can sleep comfortably again.

To add to my stress level, the house across the street from me seems to have rotating residents. In the winter there is a mom type living there. She has a very nice golden retriever who I watched almost get nailed by a pickup truck just a few weeks ago when it ran out towards the road after a pedestrian. Thankfully he seems to be trained and listened as she called him back at the last minute. He was so close to the truck that I saw the tailwind blow his coat back and make his eyes close against the dust kick up. It made my heart stop for a minute. I thought he was a goner.

In the spring her two young adult kids seem to take over and live there off and on with various friends stopping by. (at all hours) It is annoying due to some of their behavior. (example: screaming out the window at an old man as he rode his bicycle past their house) To add to that someone brought a (beautiful) male Siberian husky to the house and tied it outside where it postured and started screaming at my dogs while I was with them in the yard. We made a quick exit into the house. Now maybe he is friendly to other dogs when not tied up, but I'm not willing to take the chace based on what I was seeing. It makes me nervous. Not to mention if he gets loose we live on the other side of the street on a very busy road. The danger of him getting hit when trying to cross it is very real. Add to that my fence is only 4 feet high. I am really hoping it was just a visitor for the day. I hate having to worry about my dogs being in their own yard. It doesn't seem fair. I know Jack could defend himself if needed but the girls would be at a huge disadvantage. And make no mistake this isn't about the breed, whom is one of my favorites, but my assumptions of the potential lack of responsibility of the owner and the behavior of this particular dog in this case.

Now is the waiting game for the biopsy report. It should be back by either friday or monday. I will certainly post the results as soon as I get them. Wish us luck.


just in luv said...

We have all fingers and paws crossed here for Miss Missy, and wish her a speedy recovery!

You shouldn't have to worry in your own yard. :[ I hate when people are irresponsible with their dogs like that. My sister's friend's Pomeranian was just torn apart by a roving Lab while her owner looked on helplessly a few weeks ago... and they were in THEIR yard. The owners never even apologized. It makes me so angry... and sad.

Katie said...

Fingers crossed for low grades and clean margins! Waiting is the pits.

Marie said...

Thanks. I appreciate the good thoughts. Waiting does suck.

I heard about that case at work. (was on my day off) How sad. It is one of the scarier parts of having small dogs, them not being able to defend themselves when outmatched size wise.