Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dogs watching TV

Today one of the things I did for Mothers Day was spend some relaxing time with the family. We bought the movie "Bolt" awhile ago but hadn't watched it. Today we remedied that. As you can see Jenny found it very entertaining. She normally rarely reacts to the TV so when she kept going up and trying to get closer to the screen we had to capture it. Ironicly my husband, who says I take to many photos of the dogs, was the one to grab the camera today.

When she wasn't trying to get closer to the screen she was sitting on my son's lap watching as well. I suspect all the animal sounds peaked her interest.

It was a very cute movie and we all enjoyed it alot. Of course we are also huge fans of Disney so not liking it is almost not an option in this house. VBG Does anyone else have dogs that watch TV?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.


jan said...

I had always heard that dogs can't see TV, but my Poodles do watch some shows and I know they can see the screen. Most of the shows are just too boring for them.

Jen said...

Yup! Maddi watches tv with us. Anytime an animal comes on the tube (horse, mouse, snake, cat etc), she races to the tv growling. Very difficult to watch any shows with animals in it. :-)