Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let the blogging continue

I had a 4 day weekend all to myself for Memorial Day and it was fabulous. I managed to not over book myself and spent lots of time with my own dogs for a change. The weather was even pretty good for most of it which meant some nice walks. I did a couple of training tracks in long grass with Jenny and she did great. Much better than I expected. I need to start adding more distance and turns. I found a video of another pug doing tracking on YouTube. I was very pleased to see we aren't the only pug trackers out there. Score another for pugdom. VBG I love this photo of Jenny because she is showing her pushy bratty self. Jack is a very tolerant boy.

Missy got her sutures out yesterday. No more frankendog. Everything looks good. Now we just need to wait for her hair to grow back.
Nephew Minos is getting bigger every day. I have posted some videos of him and my crew on YouTube. Just type in Minos the bulldog to find them.

On Monday I got to watch a couple of friends run their dogs in an agility trial. (Belgian Tervueren: ) It was very entertaining. I really don't know much about agility "rules" but I really liked the fact that there were mixed breeds there earning titles too. I am a big fan if watching dogs do stuff that they enjoy regardless of which sport it is. And if all dogs are included, well that's even better.
I do have some observations (reservations?) about flyball that I plan on sharing in my next post. I am to tired for a serious post tonight however. (and I also have a story about a client puppy and inept trainers to share)
P.S. Check out two new blogs I have added to the blogroll: Leadership Without Force (a new favorite) and The Spiritdance Dog Tracking and Sheep Herding Blog.


jan said...

The photo of Jenny and Jack is totally priceless. You should have a caption contest.

Darlin Mikey said...

That picture is AWESOME!