Sunday, November 15, 2009

A post about poo, and a solution

Today I came up with a poop solution I thought I would share in case others are having the same problem. When I take any of my dogs on a real walk outside of my own yard I have to drive them to a different area. This is because I live in a weird spot with no sidewalk along a very busy high traffic road. I typically stick to walking on main streets as I find there are fewer loose dogs to contend with on them. This also bypasses any issues of territorial or reactive dogs in their own yards that don't always stay in their own yards. To many incidents in the past have made me slightly leery about neighborhood walking. I can control my own dog, I can't always control a strange one in a reactive charge. The reactive dogs in main streets are almost always on leash or contained in a vehicle at least.
The problem I have encountered with walking on the main street in my own town is a lack of trash receptacles. I find that odd since everyone is always complaining about the dog poop that is left behind. Responsible owners always pick up after their dogs. (and those of you that "pretend" to pick up, we know about you and are watching) Because of the lack of trash cans, I end up having to carry my dogs deposit along with me for the rest of the walk. And in some cases bring it home in my car to throw away. (always extra fun in winter with the windows rolled up)
Well it dawned on my today to use an old training/bait bag to carry the "deposit" in. (by old I mean one I won't be using bait in again, ever) At least this keeps it out of my hand and out of sight. I can even slide the bag behind me to keep the smell, shall we say, downwind. The other bonus is that I can also snap it to the rack on the top of my vehicle when I drive home keeping the lovely fragrance outside where it belongs. Geez, now why didn't I think of that sooner? Oh well, better late than never I guess.
And since this is a post about poo I share with you all this gem:

Courtesy of my sisters dog who got a little to close to the house to do his business. What can I say, the boy has talent. Now you can say you have seen everything possible on a blog. (We won't speak about the fact that I immediately thought about blogging it and took a photo. Nope, we won't say a word.)

He looks so innocent doesn't he?
P.S. K-9 Solutions Dog Training Inc. has it's own Facebook page now. Come be a fan. (bear with me as I am new to the whole page thing)

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I hate encountering loose dogs and ownerless poop piles!