Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little dog love

His name is Milo and I loooove him. I mean seriously, isn't he simply adorable??

I went to my sons basketball game this evening and this sweetie was sitting behind me. (a 10 week old Chihuahua) I didn't notice him at first because he came in a canvas tote. (OK so the dog in a purse thing gets made fun of but I think some of that is jealously. I mean if I could sneak Jack places in a purse I would totally do it. Just saying.) I got to molest him at half time. He gave me kisses and puppy love while I got sweet nice cuddle time. It was awesome. Being the dork I am I requested a photo to share here. Yes I have no shame.
Once upon a time I never would have considered having a super small dog. Now I find myself really liking them. I can even see myself with a tiny little guy like Milo someday. A pretty big change from the 100 plus pound akitas I've always had.
There is something to be said for the lesser expense involved in having smaller dogs. The difference in their food bill and my akitas food bill alone I'm sure is quite substantial. I suppose that could translate to being able to afford to have more dogs. A herd of Chihuahuas anyone? VBG
Speaking of food this was the scene here last week.
The lobsters were making noises in the bucket and Jenny couldn't quite figure it out since she wasn't tall enough to see over the edge. I'm sure they smelled pretty interesting too. (another 6 were already in the cooker) Jack was curious but not excited by the commotion and Missy could have cared less.

The Missy Update: She is doing ok. She has good days and bad days at this point. We had to increase her prednisone recently as some her symptoms had returned. So far so good on this dose.

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silveredfern said...

I love having a little dog, my 10lb italian greyhound only eats a cup a day. I do wish more owners of sm dogs would take more time to socialize their dogs and take them to obedience. We have been going to puppy classes and basic obedience since he was 11 wks, I think that has made him so friendly. We see way too many sm dogs at the dog park who have never played with other dogs and are so afraid.