Saturday, August 29, 2009

Awesome rally video and vacation photos

I would complain that I need a few days to recover from my vacation but that would seem, well tacky. So I won't mention it. I promise. I will complain that we couldn't get back to pick up the dogs in time today so I have to wait until tomorrow morning. Seems wrong to be home without them. Very, very wrong.

Check out the new awesome blog I found while surfing my facebook: Roscoe I just love the video of him in the Rally ring. Go check it out. Look how happily he works! I really cannot stress just how much I LOVE IT! And a side note that he is at the show I missed this weekend. I know I can't do everything but sometimes that frustrates me.
And for those interested here are a few photos from our family vacation. Don't say you weren't warned.
Here are my kids in a hippos mouth.
In the pokey with the evil emperor Zurg.
Loading up on sugar. Because it's obvious they NEEDED some.
Logan riding the "Everest" roller coaster. (yeah that was me in the other seat)
Kendra posing with her favorite show poster. (And who doesn't love positive reinforcement for kids?!)
Posing with the boat from Forrest Gump, The Jenny. (yup, named after our Jenny's namesake, Forrest's girlfriend)
I'm not sure where my kids get their penchant for drama.

Really, I have no idea.

And of course we met Pluto. You didn't think I could go a whole vacation without taking a photo of a dog do you??

BTW, Disney doesn't have near enough Pluto stuff to buy. Just saying. And yes, my 12 year old son and my 14 year old daughter are both already taller than me. (Happy Birthday Kendra!!!) This was my 5th trip to Disney (the kids 4th) so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Believe it or not my husband is addicted to the place. I feel like I could work there at this point. We always stay on property and this time we stayed at Fort Wilderness. My highlight was a horseback trail ride on a red roan named Romeo. I forgot how sore it makes me the next day. (totally worth it tho!) These aren't the best pics from the trip, just a few of the ones we have uploaded so far. It was pretty warm but not unbearable. One day was spent at one of the water parks.

Tuesday I am going to try to get a good photo of the 3 dogs together. Jack has an appointment that morning at the groomer so he will be all kennel defunkified. He always comes home fluffy and smelling much more pleasant. I will bathe the girls myself tomorrow. I'm sure they will be thrilled. Once in a while I bite the bullet and do Jack myself but my back and neck are already not happy with me due to the rollercoasters, so I'm taking a pass. Plus they are able to dry him which I can't do here. Fortunately he loves them so it is a fun day for him. He has fun and I get back a clean happy dog, a nice win win situation! Wish me luck on the photo.

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