Thursday, April 8, 2010

There's a BAT in my toolbox!!

Warning!! Behavior geek post ahead!! (And useful for anyone with a reactive dog so read on!)

Recently a dog trainer friend of mine attended a seminar on Behavior Adjustment Training, a.k.a BAT for short. She posted a very favorable review on her blog and mentioned that the seminar giver, Grisha Stewart, had a DVD for sale on the technique. It is for dogs that are both aggressive and/or reactive to dogs, people and situations. Well I bought the video and have become a convert. The principals are sound and the techniques are positive.

Here is some information on BAT straight from the creator:

Don't miss the handout for precise directions:

And I am in love with the cartoon explanation: It doesn't get much clearer than that!

Of course practice is the key to teaching your dog to change their behavior for the long term. The more repetitions you do, the quicker your dog will learn to settle down and be less reactive. There are no magic shortcuts in behavior modification.

The link to purchase the very affordable (I love that part!) DVD is on the above site for those interested.

Here is a clip of BAT in action from YouTube. But read the links for a much more in depth explanation. The video is good but might not be clear enough for some to be able to put into use.

Surf around her blog site for even more posts about BAT. This is just the basic info to get you addicted, um I mean started. I know I am happy to add this technique to my own trainers toolbox. I hope others find it useful as well. Train on!

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