Sunday, April 25, 2010

It was so beautiful out that I took some video.

First a cute one of the prison pups Jack and Patty playing. More video and photos of them can be seen on their facebook site. (It's a pain to upload to YouTube to post here sometimes.) They are slated to graduate the program on Tuesday.

And one of me and Jack heeling. Now as a disclaimer this was our FIRST heeling practice in I don't know how long. Obviously working with a small fast dog has affected my speed and my lack of awareness of his larger body around the cones. (bad handler!)

I know I need to work on a few things but he is so gorgeous I thought I would share it anyway. I'm just glad to see he looks happy while working. Snicker away.

I also took Jenny out for some tracking practice. She did ok on the second two tracks. The first was what my son would call an "epic fail". All my fault of course. And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

For my troubles I was rewarded with an embedded tick on my back that my daughter had to pull off. Thankfully I had one of these babies on hand:

They work like a charm. Simply slide the hole over the tick and slide it up to the v shape (keeping the key next to the skin) and pull gently but steadily. The whole tick comes out. No fuss, no muss. It even tells you which side up on the key itself. I keep it on my key ring and have used it on a dog as well with the same excellent result.

It's been a very busy weekend. Lots of clients and lots of dog stuff in general. Oh and I saw "The Backup Plan" last night with my daughter. (I know, a J Lo movie. Yes I am ashamed. In my defense the guy that is in it used to play a vampire on a show I watched. I loved him in that. He was less than exciting in this movie aside from when his shirt was off.) CM also had a cameo which I was not thrilled about. (and out of place considering his real life audience vs the scene audience) I probably wouldn't have gone had I known that ahead of time. The boston terrier in it was an adorable scene stealer though so that helped make up for it. A little.

Netflix sent "Hachi" so I will be watching that soon. I've heard they did a good job with it. I've already run into someone that recognised Jack's breed due to the movie on one of our walks. Hopefully the movie going directly to DVD helps diffuse any over breeding that can happen after a movie with a specific breed is released. Time will tell I guess. Fingers cross for akita (and shiba) rescue this next year.

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