Saturday, April 3, 2010

Prison puppies learn some Rally O

First I have to give a HUGE thank you to Jean Donaldson and Gail Tamases Fisher. Both are fabulous dog trainers and authors of some really ground breaking and wonderful dog training books. They, along with Kristy and Charlene of, are responsible for donating some amazing books to the K-9 Corrections program. I am overwhelmed by their generosity. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! A small program like ours can use all the help and support we can get. Those books will join our growing training library.

And now on to the photo portion of my post. Check out the new ears on our pups.

They are still teething so the ears are doing all sorts of interesting things. One minute they are up, the next down, and sometimes even off to the sides. It's very cute. They both now weigh 13 pounds.

I thought trying some Rally on the program would be fun as well as a great way to practice the basics. The handlers are doing very well with everything I am throwing at them. They were very excited to get the new books. (I LOVE addicting new converts to dog training!)

You can really see the German Shepherd influence with this "growing puppy" ear set in Jack. Tho he is marked and acts very Jack Russell (Parson's Russell) like in many ways. He is high energy and high drive which makes for interesting sessions. They are supposed to be GSD/Husky mixes but one has to wonder if there is anything else lurking in the woodpile.
Patty is a bit more laid back. Getting her to move is a challenge some days. It is fascinating to see the differences in them considering they are litter mates. It will be interesting to see if her ears come all the way up too.

For those interested in applying to adopt them contact They should be available sometime the end of April.

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Jan said...

I love puppy ears, it's like they are trying to figure out what to do. One of my dogs as one ear up and one down, very endearing.