Friday, April 16, 2010

It's finally here!

The self serve dog wash at The Loyal Biscuit Co. has arrived!

I popped in after work yesterday to grab some food and took a quick peek.

Coincidentally Nani and Tomo were there trying it out.

I think mom may have been having more fun than Nani but she took it all in stride.

Tomo was happy to rest after his bath while waiting for his sister to be finished. I am very excited to try it out with Jack. He loves going to his groomer (and still will when I need him to look his best) but I will love having another option that will be kinder on my back than my own tub, and nicer for him than the outdoor hose and cold water.

Check out this link for more information. I hope I am never in need of the "emergency" bath visit.


Jen said...

Is this the Loyal Biscuit in Rockland ME? I made that one of our pit stops last summer! Loved that store!

Marie said...

Yes it is!!! I live in the next town over and go there ALL the time. Sorry I missed you!