Friday, June 4, 2010

Brain cramps and training progress

Ever have the feeling like your brain is to full of crap so it is plugging up the whole works? Yeah that is how I have been feeling. To many ideas for posts has me jammed up so I can't complete any of my thoughts. Hence the photo posts lately. The TV news sure isn't helping me try to keep my positive outlook either. My thoughts are with everyone and every creature affected by the actions of BP oil. It is a horrific situation. Add to that it has been a VERY busy week at work. Which though can be some what stressful is still much less stress than dispatching ever was so I am grateful I have this job. We also have a great team which usually makes it fun. Besides, I DID see a minium of 3 cute puppies today!

I think I have finally bridged the gap with the left pivot work with Jenny. Thankfully I found the Rally e-mail list that APDT runs and asked a few questions. I had messed it up abit by getting her to center in front of me during the perch exercise. It was great practice for the front position but not so great for swing to my side. Here is video of her left swing and around to heel.

We are attending a Rally workshop tomorrow so I'll get some time in on real courses and questions about how we are doing answered. I think I may be using to many hand signals. I don't want to look like I am luring. It also occured to me today I haven't taught her a stand yet. Ooops! Hopefully I haven't been mucking up to much other stuff. It's June already and we have a trial coming up in July. That isn't very much time.

I recently got the DVD "The magic of shaping" by Pamela Dennison and watched disc 1. It is excellent by the way. I'm trying not to focus on the fact I can't make it to her seminar. (My husband bought me the DVD as a consolation.) Now I want to teach Jenny the file her own nails trick. I even went and bought the sandpaper and wood at Lowes. (I'll definatly be posting THAT video to share!) I took Jenny with me for a training session and was mistaken for Victoria Stilwell. Yeah I know, it was flattering but the man needs to get his eyesight and hearing checked. My accent is decidedly NOT British! On the upside a friend pointed out that I must have looked like I knew what I was doing. VBG

The German Shepherd I have been working with at the shelter got adopted. (Ben) He is even playing with other dogs now. I am VERY excited for him! It sounds like the perfect home. I knew he would blossom outside the shelter and that seems to be happening. He is a high energy young dog and the chaos of the shelter wasn't doing him any favors. Luckily someone saw though his excitement to his potential within. I wish I knew the rest of his story. He was seen being dumped out of a pick up truck and left behind by someone. Honestly, who does that? He's lucky he wasn't hit by a car. I'm glad the witness got involved and brought him in. Good luck to him in his new life.

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