Friday, June 4, 2010

We can see you

When you bring your pet to our veterinary hospital, and you are out in the parking lot, we can see you. We can see you hitting your dog for jumping on you and we can see you jerking your puppy around for sniffing the tire of the car next to yours. We can even see you screaming at your dog because they are pulling on the leash. (Because you obviously never trained them to do otherwise. We don't care if your dog is pulling as long as it isn't bothering other dogs or people waiting. You aren't being critiqued on your dogs behavior so relax. Seriously.)

Maybe you didn't get the word but someone invented this thing called windows a long time ago that lets us see outside of buildings. We aren't trying to spy on you, we are simply looking to see which patients are arriving. Smiling politely at the doctor and us behind the counter after you are in the lobby doesn't negate what we saw. (And yes the doctors can see through windows too.) Your smiles aren't magic that will make us forget. It doesn't work that way. Those of us that didn't see it got the full report of your actions by those of us that did. We saw you do it because we CAN see you. Please knock it off. It hurts our hearts and isn't nice for your poor pet.
(I know this isn't isn't exactly my target audience but I needed to vent that.)


Mark said...

Great Post! Some people should not be allowed to own a pet, or have a child, for that matter!

Jen said...

I hate seeing what I see in the waiting room sometimes, mostly I don't even watch the parking lot... I can't imagine :(

Mrs. Lazaro said...

This post makes me sad. :[ If you don't take the time to train your dog, you can't be mad at it for not knowing what you want it to do.