Monday, June 14, 2010

Dock Dogs comes to Maine

So for those that have never been to see a bunch of dogs flying off a dock into water after a toy, I can now say I highly recommend it as entertainment. Dock Dogs came to our area thanks to Heidi of The Loyal Biscuit Co. (and friends) I took a few videos. Here is Heidi and her dog Fenway:

This was Fenways very first Dock Dogs event. Not to shabby! Fenway was adopted from The Humane Society of Knox County.

Dogs of all sizes can participate. I was even told life jackets are allowed. (I think it may have been a hint!) Somehow I doubt I could get Jenny to jump in after a toy. Now if it were a nice juicy chicken carcass we might be in business. I think Jack might even pass on that. He's not exactly a fetcher and has a hard enough time getting down off our picnic table.

I only wish I got some video of the reluctant jumpers. Some of those were pretty fun to watch. The crowd was very supportive of them. There was much cheering them on. I took a lot of photos but in truth they all pretty much suck. But even a bad photo of Tessa is beautiful. I'd steal her but her owner knows where I live.

I brought Jenny with me. That turned out to be a mixed bag. She had moments of greatness, like meeting the enormous Great Dane and was nice to him, (around food!) and ignoring the terrier who wanted to kick her butt. She was patted by lots of kids in various stages of stickiness and most of the time ignored the other dogs. And then she had other moments of not so greatness. Once she noticed the dogs running on the dock she wanted to go chase them and was quite vocal about her intentions. To get uninterrupted video I resorted to tossing treats on the ground for her to sniff out. It worked. I'm not proud.

She looks so sweet and innocent doesn't she? I admit I did buy a tiny bumper. Who knows, I have a year to train before they come back. Wouldn't that be a hoot to see? It was a great event. Kudos to everyone who brought it here and did such a great job. I look forward to going again next year.

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