Sunday, June 20, 2010

An interesting book find

It comes as no surprise to my regular readers that I have a book addiction. I make no apologies, it is what it is. I collect many books of all kinds. Of course dog training books are very popular on my list, as you would expect, as are dog breed history books. Fiction, biographies, short stories and young adult are some of my other interests. This means passing an open "Used books" store during say a Summer Solstice event is not possible. I try to reign myself in upon occasion but having mad money in my pocket near that open book store is an exercise in futility. So I caved. I went it to just look at the pet section and found this:

OK so I don't anticipate the need for this book at the present. But something about it just leapt out at me. It was certainly the first time I had seen a book on the subject. I actually put it back on the shelf and left. This is sometimes helpful in letting me rethink the need for a specific book I see and prevent impulse shopping. (and buyers remorse for money spent) As you can guess by this post's title it didn't work. I went back an hour later and bought it anyway. My sister made fun of me. I just couldn't pass it up though. I kept thinking, what if someone I know needs it later? It was listed at only $8.50 so it was a good deal to boot.

One of the reasons I am sharing this in a post is to let others who may have need for such a book know there is a book available on the subject. I have been perusing book stores for years and this is the first time I have seen it. The dog on the cover belongs to the author so it is written by someone who has gone though it with their own dog. It looks to be well written and includes lots of photos of many other dogs who have also had legs removed for various reasons. I'm not sure I'll be sitting down to read it though as my current que of books is already pretty long. At least I don't need to worry about the little voice in my head whispering "You should have bought it when you had the chance" should something happen to a dog I know. I do love to have good resources on hand ahead of time. Yeah I know, that sounds slightly paranoid. It's ok. I'm aware. We all have our baggage.

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