Sunday, January 16, 2011

The definition of irony

So guess who's dog ate some chocolate the day after my last post? Yup, that idiot was none other than me. I think I was the first person to go to the chart after posting. Gosh you would think someone who works for a vet and knows better would keep it out of reach. Ah but who doesn't like an adrenaline rush now and then?
I had placed the bar on top of my treadle sewing machine. Jack normally doesn't bother food on counters or on top of tables but I guess this just smelled to good for him to pass up. I had broken off some pieces to take to work and assume that is why it attracted him. The good news is that because he is so large, and I came home for lunch and caught him, he didn't have a chance to eat very much of it. Add to that when I left for work he had a kong to work on so I'm sure some if his time went into that. He also didn't eat bites of it (like some dogs would have) but took a piece to the floor and licked at it. Then he licked the rest of the bar while it was on top of the machine. The evidence was still there. Chocolate doggy drool anyone? Yeah the rest of it went into the garbage outside.
So once I figured out just how much he got and talked to the docs I work with (double checking the charts correctness) I calmed down. Then I laughed because it the whole thing was just so stupid. And Jack? Luckily he never even got any diarrhea from the incident. I gave him a dose of propectalin just in case. But I know I got lucky and I am grateful for that.
The lesson? Keep your chocolate out of reach all the time but especially after blogging about the dangers of chocolate. You're less likely to look like an idiot that way.


Hannah said...

Awh, Jack. I can't fault you for being a chocoholic. God knows I'm one. :]

Also, don't beat yourself up, Marie. Could've happened to anyone! I agree the timing was very ironic, though.

One time I made a doublebatch of no-bake cookies and had them on the wax paper in the kitchen, cooling. Stupid me forgot about them and went outside to help Kurt with something on his boat. When we came back inside, there was wax paper all over the floor and not a cookie in sight. This was pre-Apollo, so Jenna was the only dog we had.

Yeah. She never even got an upset tummy. That girl has an iron gullet!

Hannah said...

Wow. Just for curiosity's sake I looked up my no-bake cookie recipe and how many ounces there are in a tablespoon. Jenna ate about 8 tbsp of cocoa that day, or 4 oz. She weighs around 60 pounds to according to the the chart, that could've killed her! I guess we got extremely lucky. She seriously never even vomited.

(Apparently Hershey's cocoa isn't very strong? Or the oatmeal and other ingredients in the cookies slowed absorption? Who knows!)

Marie said...

Hannah, Yikes! Yeah isn't it amazing what some dogs can do and be ok with?