Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Puppies are fun

especially when someone else gets to potty train them. Check out our other K-9 Corrections dog Russet.

He is a 9 week old 1/2 German wire haired pointer, 1/4 Labrador retriever and 1/4 Chesapeake bay retriever mix. Momma was the pointer. He was one of 11 puppies, only 9 survived, and he was one of the runts in the litter so he got bottle fed from an early age. As a result one of his issues is mouthing. We thought he might be to much of a handful for the average adopter so he got put on the program to learn not to be mouthy as well as all the basics. Who doesn't want a puppy that is already house trained and crate trained?

Jenny is learning how to play less roughly with him. She can't help herself, she's just a puppy too. More photos (and video!) of them can be seen on our K-9 Corrections facebook page. The challenge with a young puppy on the program is to make sure he gets exposed to lots of other dogs while he is still young. To accomplish that he will be going on a few field trips with me and I'll be taking dogs there for both of them to meet. There are also staff members with dogs that occasionally visit the facility too. Fortunately his foster home had lots of other animals he got to be around which helps. If you are interested in adopting either of them you need to apply through The Humane Society of Knox County. They will be at the facility for at least 6 more weeks however.

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jen said...

they look like quite the pair!

good luck with them in the program!