Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just when I thought I was safe

Fleas!! Those insidious bastards! I found one on Jenny the other night which prompted an emergency trip into the tub. Flea fighting tip: you don't need a shampoo that is for fleas to kill the suckers. Any shampoo that lathers up will work. Just be sure to start lathering around the neck and down so they don't all run up to the head and become harder to get. (I don't lather the face, I use a washcloth instead so soap doesn't get in the eyes.)
Fortunately I had some awesome new shampoo from Mutt Nose Best to try. I won a gift bag of goodies at the "Pints for Paws" event my favorite local store the Loyal Biscuit Co. held as a fundraiser for our local animal shelter.

I got a large bottle of the green tea formula, a small bottle of the lavender formula with a matching bottle of conditioner. We also got ear wipes, nose balm and a bottle of lavender formula deodorant and calming spray. Oh and a cool frisbee. I give the lavender shampoo and conditioner a two thumbs up! Not only did it lather up well she smelled fabulous afterwards.

The best part? Mutt Nose Best is a Maine based company that supports various charities! So not only are you buying a quality product, you are helping them help others. You can read more about that here on my friend Prudence's blog. So if you haven't tried their product already, please do. It is another win/win for you. And who doesn't love those??

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Anonymous said...

me and buckley (really, just mostly buckley) brought fleas home from maine this summer :)

then all four dogs got them. just bathing them in a tea tree oil based shampoo did the trick though! thank goodness.