Sunday, November 27, 2011

Torturing Jack for a good cause

Saturday evening was the Festival of lights parade in Rockland. I decided to take Jack and walk with the local shelters float as support. Of course this meant doggy torture before hand for poor Jack. First he needed his feet trimmed, a nail trim, a brush out and then a bath. (followed by more brushing out) He is shedding so the brush out before and after the bath is definitely a must. Even his muzzle sheds! I am SO grateful we have a self serve dog wash at the Loyal Biscuit Co. in town. My own bathroom just wouldn't be the same after a Jack bath. Not only do I not have to clean anything afterwards but the raised tubs, and ladders to get the dogs in and out, save my poor back. They also have a dog blow dryer which also makes life easier. For him to dry all on his own takes HOURS!

He got a nice walk after the bath to burn off the pent up energy. That's when I snapped the pics at one of our local art museums. I didn't get any photos from the parade because I am still learning how to use my camera. Thankfully the weather was perfect for a night parade, cool as expected but not freezing. Tho Jack would have been fine with freezing with his coat. We were one of the "reindeer" pulling the "sleigh". If I come across photos of our float entry later I'll be sure to share them. The good news is that we won the "Spirit Award" for the parade. The shelter also collected a lot of canned goods and toys for the animals. After the parade we stopped by the biscuit for a quick rest before our trek back to the car. Check out store dog Chuck over seeing the crowds. He's such a good boy!!

Our friend Prudence was also there as a reindeer decked out in a cute lighted collar. She LOVED the attention from the crowd. She wanted to say hello to everyone who was cheering for us. She has peeps you know. For some reason I always forget how much attention Jack gets in a crowd. I answer a LOT of questions about him. Thankfully he loves the attention most of the time. I do watch him though to make sure he isn't overwhelmed. (and he wears his head collar so I don't stress about people getting into his face which some seem to be determined to do) He got to see one of his favorite people there as well, Monica who has known him since he stepped off the plane. He gets SO excited to see her that he jumps around and acts like a puppy again. It is always cute to see.
It was a fabulous night and I'm glad it went so well. Hopefully we can do it again next year.


Ashley said...

I'm glad to hear the float won an award. That was really fun! I was so excited that Prudence handled it as well as she did (even holding her business to keep walking.. a bit of a shock). Jack was obviously the star of the show though :D

Love the photos of him with the art installments!

Anonymous said...

jack is absolutely stunning. no wonder he gets so much attention! i secretly was hoping to meet him when I was lucky enough to meet you :)

Marie said...

Ashley, I seriously thought she was gonna drop a #2 in front of witnesses! LOL You need to take Pru over there for a photo shoot. :-)

Jen, Next time you are in town you'll have to come over to my house. Then you can meet the whole darn crew!