Friday, November 18, 2011

And her name is.......

......... drum roll please..........................Zola! I tried coming up with a good J name to go along with Jack and Jenny but none of them sounded right. She just seemed like a Zola to me. I know a human Zola who is simply fabulous. I think she will find my choice amusing. Now I need to get her a tag with her name on it.

It turns out she is sicker than the shelter realized. She is now on a couple of medications to help push the toxins out of her body and support her liver function. Based on her bile acid test she has a serious shunt. The good news is that the medications aren't expensive. They should help her feel better and want to play more. It should also help her coordination so she stops bumping into things. She has moments where she seems very normal and others where you think, wow she isn't right! Her eye is also not healing as well as it should. We are going to try something new tomorrow involving serum that sounds interesting. Hopefully it works. She has to hold off on breakfast until after we can get some blood drawn for tests. She isn't going to be happy with me in the morning I am sure! But we gotta do what we gotta do to make her feel better. Tonight I learned that if you wake her for her pill she will yawn which makes the task easier. Has anyone ever tried to pry open a pugs mouth that didn't cooperate? It's not easy!
I am so grateful that Jenny and Jack seem to be doing ok with her. Jenny is interested yet respectful. Tho she did have to school the puppy in "stay the hell away from me with my kong!". Thankfully puppy backed off. Jack is also keeping his distance for the most part. They did have a short game of tug the other day that was cute. She got pushy over the toy so he walked away. He was raised by a fiesty frenchie so he knows when it is prudent to end a game.
The day I picked her up we also started 2 new dogs at the prison. The first is Erica. She is listed as a pit mix but honestly I don't see it. I see hound and maybe mountain cur. I have a friend with a cur and one of the traits I noticed was that they both have the same hairy belly. (I have photos of this on my camera but you can see my previous post here: Birdie was identified as a mountain cur when she was traveling through West Virginia on a road trip after this post was written.)

 The other is Blue. You can see why he got his name. He is a husky lab mix though in person his muzzle looks very shepherd to me.

So with the puppy and new dogs AND two new handlers, on top of my regular work and clients, you can see I have had a very busy week. Puppies don't sleep in very late you know.
Because I have been a "blogging slacker" todays post will be long since I'm not finished yet. Since Christmas is coming I am keeping my eye out for interesting dog items that might fit the "perfect gift" bill.  My co-worker is drooling over this snazzy new product. It is called the release and run collar. It is a collar with a retractable leash included. She regularly runs with her dogs and has to loop her leash over her while she runs. (with the dog off leash) With this product instead of having to carry the leash the dog does it for you! It coils up inside the dogs own collar. I think it is pretty brilliant.
I personally am lusting over this jacket: It's a little pricey but look how perfect it is for someone like me! It would be even better with my new logo embroidered on the back and left breast. I wonder if I could write it off as a training expense? Hmmm
Want something not as practical but beautiful? Well slide on over here: I have a pawprint ring from him that I love. I used to be very into jewelry in my younger days and I can tell you that their stuff is amazing.
Looking for something for your dog? Or maybe a different kind of jewelry piece? Try this site: I LOVE their tags! I just get hung up trying to think of the perfect word or saying for my own dogs. And check out their blog for their awesome bracelets.
Those are just a few things I've seen lately that look interesting. I'll try to post more potential treasures as I find them.


Ashley said...

You definitely need the logoified K-Rosco jacket. It says "Marie" all over it :D

Zola is the perfect name for such a sweet little pug. I'm glad to hear she's fitting in with the gang. That's the one thing I worry about if I ever decide to introduce a new puppy into mine and Pru's life. Can't wait for my next Zola play date!!

Ruth said...

Do you have a profile shot of Erica? I can kinda sorta see the pitmix, but only kinda, and you're right she does look like a cur or cross.

On an interesting note: although my Tibetan Mastiff had a bare pink belly as a young pup it has most definetly filled in as he grows. I'll have to see if can get a picture for reference. I highly doubt Erica's a TM cross though......

Ruth said...

(sorry, 2nd comment)

Actually, take a look at the Plott Hound, it took me an extra minute to figure out what Erica reminded me off.

We had one at a shelter by me, lovely dog. But thats what she reminds me of most (head's wrong to be pure Plott though)