Friday, April 27, 2007

Are we there yet?

I know, I know. I am behind. Posting is tricky when you are so butt kicking busy. Here are a few excellent pics and the news I just had to share though.

THIS cutie patootie is Apollo. Who can resist his baby blues? Well just so you know, and can prepare yourself, he grew into:

THIS handsome Doberman boy. Stunning isn't he? I'll give you a second to catch your breath. He is one of the island pups I am privileged to get to work with. (And some people call this work?)

And this is Surely. (as in, Surely you jest) She is an Irish Wolfhound. She is seen here modeling the latest in fashion, a head collar. This helps remind her not to pull her owner around. She looks great in red doesn't she?

I took my camera with me all week so I could get pics of some more of my clients but I kept forgetting to ask. I'll try to get more to share soon.

Here are some pics of Diamond. He is the shelter dog we put through the K-9 Corrections program. He is seen here with his prisoner handler, myself and the CGC tester Sumac of Leaping Dogs. He didn't pass his test but he did graduate from the program with lots of improved manners, new tricks to show off and he got a great home. He is a gorgeous border collie and it took us awhile to find just the right match for his energy level.

I just loved being able to work with him. He was so smart!

And here is the new prison dog we just started today. His name is Duke. Isn't he beautiful!?

He is a 7 month old husky/german shepherd cross. He was given up because he needed training. A perfect candidate for the program! You can get more info on him at the shelters website: Just click on available dogs.

And finally here is our foster frenchie Dash. He will be going to his new home soon. My son is NOT happy to see him go. Neither is my husband I suspect. Unfortunately the rescue group has a rule against the foster home adopting the dog. This helps prevent people trying to get frenchies quickly trying to bypass the application process. This doesn't give potential adopters a fair chance.

While I understand the rule it is still hard. We never went into this looking for a new dog but he sure did win us over. That is what fostering is about though, temporary housing them until they get a new home all their own. I don't know if hubby will let me foster again. He is not happy about how attached we all got.

Luckily I have some chow puppies coming to stay for some socialization time soon. Nothing like a cute puppy to play with to help heal a heart.

Sunday I am headed to a seminar at It is on "How to Talk Dog" by Sarah Kalnajs. If you are in the area, and are really into dog behavior, consider checking it out.

I will keep saying this so it doesn't get lost. Make SURE you stay current on the food recall info. It just keeps expanding. and and PLEASE don't take a chance. Keep your pets safe!

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