Friday, April 13, 2007

My addiction

In case you haven't noticed by the list on the side of my blog, I am a book addict. I'm not one of those collectors that just has them to improve the looks of my home, or to trick people into thinking I am smart, I actually read them. Read may be an oversimplification. I devour them. Books are a serious weakness for me. My "mad" money usually goes into shopping for books. Our next house will have a library for them all. Seriously. I read them but I also really like to own them too. The best part of books is that you can read them AND keep them afterwards, unlike cake. (insert evil sounding laugh here)

So you can imagine my delight when a friend (a wonderful GENEROUS friend!) gave me these gems:

Dogs: A startling new understanding of canine origin, behavior and evolution by Raymond and Lorna Coppinger

Dog Behavior Problems - The Counselors Handbook by William Campbell

The Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training. Volume One: Adaptation and Learning by Steven R. Lindsay


The Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training. Volume two: Etiology and Assessment of Behavior Problems. By Steven R. Lindsay

Be still my beating heart. Not only are they books, but they are DOG books. Really GREAT dog books! Books I can USE!!! (insert sound of grateful weeping here) Thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate the gift and will use them well. :-)

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