Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Missy Moo

Today is Missy's 7th birthday. (Officially known as Shur Paws Miss America CGC ) Even though she is 7 she has only lived with us for 3 years. We celebrated by doing a "spa" day. She got her nails done and a bath. I also picked her up a new nyla bone which she loves. She has always been a hardy chewer. Then for supper she got some yummy canned food mixed in her kibble. (she was nice enough to share some with Jack and Dash too) A rare treat. To celebrate I thought it appropriate to share a few favorite pics of her.

Here she is with Jack being a typical puppy and invading her space. He is no longer able to accomplish this particular feat.

This pic is one of my favorites. She never did really acknowledge Kuma's presence in the house. That was the closest she came pretending he didn't exist. (What big dog?) He completely ignored her as well.

Of course we needed some family shots with her girl.

During her spa treatment. Dash looked concerned. (rightly so since he was next)

All clean and pretty. Are we done now?


Riley said...

Happy barkday, Missy! :) May you have many more to come.

Sorry that I missed your call today, Marie. It's very late now, so I'll ring you tomorrow. :)

What do you think of this?

Actually, that site is bias against the mandatory spay/neuter bill, so I guess that might not be the best source, but it's a start. I have to admit I have mixed feelings on it, but overall, it should be a good thing as long as it's not too restrictive toward small show breeders. I heard that California has a very high euth versus adoption ratio in shelters (so many celeb wannabes dumping their pocket-sized pooches when they are no longer in fashion, perhaps) so I'd love to see it go down.

Also, just for my own curiosity, do you know if we have any kill shelters here in Maine? Every local shelter website that I've looked up has a no-euth policy unless the animal has severe physical or temperamental problems. I just wonder if it's me being naive when I think that Maine is one of the less pet-overpopulated states.

Marie said...

I think we need to target the pet overpopulation problem a different way. Sure it seems easy enough to do using a mandatory system but then only those that follow the law will be affected. And I worry that puppymills will be exempt because they will apply for a special breeder liscense and get around it that way. (because they always get around this stuff - they are considered a business after all and their states make money from them in tax revenue)

I think we should require temperment testing on dogs to be bred instead. If they fail health or temperment tests THEN they have to be altered. It would certainly make for sounder dogs. But again, only those following the law will be affected initially. It will be hard to enforce. The people supposedly doing big breeder kennel checks barely do their job now. (and most suck at it anyhow letting big puppymills stay in business even though dogs are suffereing there) Ever see the documentary Dealing Dogs? Disgusting.

Yes I do think there are some kill shelters in Maine. Very few though, but consider that one reason we don't have many is that most are private and therefore run their own way. They can refuse to take in animals keeping their numbers down AND by refusing intake don't have a reason to euthanise for space. Some shelters don't have that luxury. It changes the statistics. I think more owners here are forced to euthanise their unwanted pets or they dump them in the woods. (sad but true) I think some areas are better than others as far as the overpopulation issue and we live in a pretty good area for that overall. But it is here too. Check out the shelter during kitten season and see how full it gets. Thankfully we have a good foster home system in place to help with overflow.