Monday, April 23, 2007

A Sunday Walk

Yesterday was another beautiful dog walking day. My camera sucks so the pics and video aren't the greatest. I also should have waited and gotten some in the woods pics. The trail is beautifully scenic through the wooded parts. That is aside from all the leftover mud pits we had to navigate along the way. Doing the videos I ran out of space on my camera. I'll try to grab hubbys camera the next time. Jack was MUCH better behaved this time. Hardly any shenanigans from him. Of course I watched him pretty close and reminded him a couple of times TO behave.

I was trying to get a shot of everyone. Besides my Jack we had Jefferson and Bristol, leonbergers. Sanford, a terrier mix. And Salo, a yellow lab.

This sign says something about the area being sprayed. Jack used the post as a potty and I thought it was funny. (or would have been had I gotten a closer view of the sign and caught him in action. )

I wish I knew how to post the video directly on here. I know it can be done because I've seen it on other blogs. For now I can do direct links instead. There is no sound. (again, thanks to my crappy camera) Here they are.

And in this one I was trying to catch Jefferson laying in the mud. I was to slow though.

It gives you an idea of how "clean" they are after the walk. Jack got a good hose down when we got home.

On another note, the food recall is still going strong and seems to keep expanding. Make sure you keep checking these websites for updates: and

IMPORTANT note: Not all the stores are taking recalled food off the shelves. So just because it is IN the stores doesn't mean it is safe food for your pets. Stick to the lists.

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Cara said...

You make me want to go on a Sunday walk right now! Too bad it is only Tuesday!

By the way, uploading your video on YouTube is pretty easy. You could post your photos on here that way.