Monday, April 30, 2007

Learning to speak "Dog"

Yesterday I attended a seminar in Portland with Sarah Kalnajs. (pronounced call nice)

It was on how to read dog body language. For anyone working with dogs, this is critical information. I really think this is one of those courses that should be recommended for ALL dog trainers. Training and knowing dog behavior goes hand in hand in my book. Some of the local shelter staff came with me to learn too. It was a wonderfully fun day surrounded by other "dog nuts" learning more about dog behavior. Pretty much a day of Heaven on earth in my book. I also got to see old friends/trainers I know and meet new online friends. I couldn't resist getting this photo of the facility's cat checking out one of Sarah's DVDs, The Language of Dogs. Interested in becoming species bilingual perhaps?

And here is Sarah getting photos of the crowd.

We decided to make it a mutual shot.

She was fantastic. Her videos were excellent and the information is top notch. She also has a great sense of humor. If you ever get a chance to attend one of her seminars, I highly recommend that you do. I also like seminars because even if you think it is a repeat of info you already know, there is always a few other nuggets of info you end up finding as well. Besides, everyone needs refresher courses in stuff they think they know. (Because none of us knows it all when it comes to dogs.)

The hosting facility was My Wonderful Dog. ( ) Please check out their website. They train dogs for disabled people that really benefit from their use and companionship. Go! Look! Donate! It is a fabulous program and needs our continued support.

This is Auden. She is shown relaxing while I talk to her person. She is learning that she doesn't get to demand attention on HER terms. Beautiful isn't she?
Her are some pics I found while looking for some other pics on my computer.

This is Jack on North Haven with Pal, a Portuguese water dog and Squirt, a shelter mix. Taken last spring or fall. (I forget)

Me and my daughter (with Missy) taking the ferry home.

Jack was pretty pooped after all the running and swimming. Pal went in so he figured he had to follow suit. I never thought he would have gone into salt water for a dip. I guess he showed me!

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