Friday, May 11, 2007

A busy week

I had a busy week. Of course I forgot to get pic of everyone but here are the ones I did manage to remember. First some puppy breath.

Let sleeping puppies lay.

Then came Ru. He is learning to come when he's called.

And his big brother Jack helped supervise.

Another trip to Vinalhaven.

To see Charlie. He is a rescue dog from Second Chance Boxer Rescue. He is a fabulous boy that just needs to polish up some of his manners.

He loves his Kong toy.

This is Xena. She is a flyball dog in training. Not a client but a friend. She was at knitting last night schmoozing with everyone. There is literally no lap she doesn't love. She was adopted from the Bangor animal shelter. (Yes you can find cute small dogs at shelters to adopt if you are patient.)

"Oh no, the paparazzi have found me!" Photos don't do her justice. She is even cuter in person.

And another of our foster Dash man. I finally caught him (on camera) smiling. He is headed to his new home tomorrow. I am going to miss this face. And his grunts. (the grunts are just to cute for words) I am supposed to be getting his stuff and paperwork together right now. And he needs a bath. Instead I am blogging. Can we say denial anyone?
He'll be fine. I have promises of shared pics from his new family. He has a new big brother waiting for him to play with that I'm sure he will love.

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Riley said...

Charlie was so well-behaved when my sister and I walked Jenna and Apollo by his yard a few days ago. He was behind his invisible fence and just sat down and quietly watched us walk by. :)

I don't know how you can bear to foster, but it's a wonderful thing you're doing. :) Dash is going to miss you guys, but I'm sure he'll be so happy in his new home.