Sunday, May 6, 2007

A cute-fest is happening here!

Jack and I were alone for our Sunday walk this week. Here he is on his way to me during some recall practice. We ran into two off leash dogs on the way back to our car, a Norwegian Elkhound and an Australian Shepherd with their owner. I am happy to report that Jack was a perfect gentleman. Once upon a time this would have thrown me into cardiac arrest but I have learned to be calm and trust myself with dog greetings. It can be challenging when dealing with unknown dogs however.

And here is he posing for me.
This was Missy last night. I'm quite sure she was thinking something along the lines of "All these darn puppies are wearing me out!"

And here is one of those puppies to whom she is referring:

Pretty darn cute isn't he? He will be staying a few days for some beginning training and socialization. He is an 8 week old chow chow puppy.

You put your right paw in.......

Things that make you go AWWWWWW

I ain't afraid of you!
Dash says, "Hey, what you got there? Is it food?"

I had to add this one. Dash is about to pounce.

A perfect example of Dash's lack of spacial issues. He sits where he feels like it.

And now a couple of videos. First is Dash playing with the puppy.

And Jack playing with the puppy.

I hope you enjoyed the cute-fest.
*****Just an important reminder, the pet food recall is NOT over. There are new developments every day. Keep an eye on these sites for the up to date info. I HIGHLY recommend you check the food lists EVERY week, if not every day. It is up to US to keep our pets safe. *****

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