Monday, May 7, 2007

One reason leashes are recommended

I got this today and just had to share. THIS is a perfect example on why leashes are a good idea in porqupine country. (And it totally gave me flashbacks to the days I worked for a vet and had to be the one pulling these suckers out.) That is supposed to be a bull terrier under there.

Can you say ouch!!

Authors note: Do NOT mess with quills. They do not deflate if you cut them off. One client tried that, we had to sedate his dog for just a few quills because we couldn't get a good grip on them thanks to having nothing left to work with. We also lost a bulldog to quills once because one migrated from it's chest into it's heart. (a necropsy was done to confirm) There is also the risk of infection setting in. If your dog gets quilled, get thee to a vet pronto!

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