Friday, May 4, 2007

I love my job

This is what I did today.

I evaluated a litter of 8 week old Chow Chow puppies. Some of them are coming to stay with me for some training and socialization before they head to their new homes.

The girls.
The boys. How cute are they?

This is Pippa. She is a springer spaniel client originally from England. Would you believe this is where she went and what she did when I wasn't interacting directly with her? She did not read the springer handbook apparently. VBG (They are usually much more active than this when awake.)

This cutie is Baxter. He is a labradoodle. (lab/poodle cross) Most of the doodles have a curlier coat than this. Though you can't see them in the pics, he only has some whiskers and a few furnishings on the legs. (The whiskers are adorable I must say.) He is learning some basic obedience and puppy manners.

And here is Duke, the prison dog, wearing a cone of shame. He decided to pull his neuter sutures out and had to go back to the vet to get them re-done. Silly boy! Now he is having some tummy issues so he is back at the shelter until he stops er, being so "messy".

Poor guy!

Here are a few cute pics of Dash. It looks like he will be going to a home in Mass if everything checks out. I wish he was going to be closer to us so we could visit. At least he will be in Red Sox territory. He will have a Boston Terrier brother to play with. :-)

Caught in the act! He isn't allowed toys on the couch but he occasionally tries. I snapped the pic as he was trying to act casual about it. (Kong? I don't see a kong??)

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