Monday, March 24, 2008

I spy with my little eye

something that is pink, and gooey, and itchy. Oh wait that is MY eye! My pinkeye. And when the feeling of wanting to gouge one eye out isn't enough fun, it travels to the other eye as well. Oh the joy! I know what you're thinking, WHY am I touching the computer! No worries. Steps are being taken. Germs were killed before I touched it and germs will be killed when I am finished. Thanks to hand sanitizer and clorox wipes I am a regular germ assassin today. Please send healing vibes my way for saturday. I do NOT want to miss out on the seminar!

Because I am down for the count I have other blog fare to share for todays post. First I have a beautiful photo of Boomer. This handsome boy is a local drug dog I have had the pleasure of working with. I admit I have a soft spot for working dogs. I so love to watch dogs enjoying what they are good at.

Check out this interesting and educational post about Jon Katz and his border collies from the Lassie Get Help blog: Be sure to read the comments for more discussion as well.
And more on the same topic from Pet Connections blog:

Then a thought provoking post from Dolittler on basket muzzles:

To finish up, a shared photo from a pug rescue friend of her beloved crew. I hope everyone had a great holiday.

P.S. An open letter to those who like to post in my comment field with a link to something they are selling. Knock it off. Sneaky ads get deleted so don't waste your time. (Viral marketing is the name for this according to Pet Connections Blog) Yes I see them even in older posts. (I got one just this morning thinly disguised.) To my readers, PLEASE ignore them and their links should they be there before I have the chance to delete them. If I believe in a product or site they will be added to my blogroll or mentioned in a post. Sorry for any inconvenience or annoyance.


Fuzzy Logic said...

What a handsome devil! How nice for working dogs to actually work!

Sorry you aren't feeling well and that you have to deal with stupid spammers...

that is why I have my settings so that if you've not had a comment approved before, your comment is moderated..

Caveat said...

Hey, hope your pink eye gets better soon! Haven't had it since I was a wee tyke but I remember it well...

Sometimes my commenters will post a link to something on topic, I don't have a problem with that. I do it myself from time to time.

All spammers I delete. I moderated at the beginning but it was a drag, so I just let them post and if I want to delete something, I do. No big deal and it's only happened a couple of times.

Get well soon!

Marie said...

I hate having to moderate comments. I just delete the ones that are spam. On topic links are fine. I don't mind that at all. It is the ones selling something on their own site that post a "Hey read this article I wrote" or Check out my puppy selling website" that annoy me greatly. Most of the time it is crap. If they are really on the up and up and interested in having their link on my site they should just e-mail me directly. Then I will consider it. Until then trying to get something in on the sly gets you deleted.