Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jake update and news

Jake's training is going very well. He is still learning how not to play quite so roughly with people, he can be quite exuberant at times, but has caught on to the basics very quickly. Jake can now be visited by potential adopters at the shelter on saturdays from 11:30 to 3:00. http://www.humanesocietyofknoxcounty.org/ The rest of the time he will be at the prison facility continuing his training until he graduates the program.

He had a bout of hives last week and had to see the vet but seems to be fine now. We switched his food just in case that was the culprit. Boxers can have sensitive skin problems along with breathing issues so do your breed research before considering adoption to be sure it is something you can handle financially and emotionally.

Extreme close up anyone?

Typical of other short faced breeds Jake also has bouts of, shall we say gassyness. If your sense of smell is delicate you may want to consider another breed. (A great product I have found to combat it in my own frenchie is Old Mother Hubbards Char tar biscuits. One a day works wonders in our house.)

Is that a treat I see? He is definatly very popular already. If interested get your adoption application in now. It won't take us very long to place this lovely boy.

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