Thursday, April 3, 2008

Heads up, photos and seminar info

OK I am packing alot of info in this post. Sorry for the length. I am slightly behind with news and photos. Trying like mad to keep up!

It seems Oprah will be tackling the subject on the evils of puppymills on her Friday show. I will be sure to watch. It is good that she is doing the show, she has a large following and will reach MANY people. However I have a few reservations from the woman who bought her 3 sibling white goldens from a backyard possibly high volume breeder. I hope someone on her staff did some research and that she doesn't paint all breeders as the bad guys now. It should be interesting to watch.

For a great look at the myth of AKC papers check out this well written post from Underdogged:

And here is Jake this week. He is wearing his halti in the photos.

We are now training the dogs to accept head halters as well as no pull harnesses during their lessons. (along with working them in a regular flat nylon collar) This way, should the new home NOT keep up with the dogs training, they still have options to ensure the dog is able to be exercised. We also taught him how to use the drinking fountain for water breaks.

And this is a photo essay of Orli, the fabulous store dog at The Loyal Biscuit Company. Notice the bandages on her head. She had a bit of a run in with one of the cats and it gave her a boo boo.

Geez lady are you still here? (She is elegant and she knows it!)

The seminar with Dr. Nicholas Dodman was fabulous and I learned some excellent information. I did introduce myself to him since we write on the same blog. ( Then I got to go have dinner with another trainer I had only previously known through the internet, Nancy of A Dogs Life Blog. (Because listening to 6 plus hours of dog behavior stuff just wasn't quite enough for one day.) It is always fun to meet people face to face. My next planned trek is going to be back to Happy Tails in June for a pitbull informational day with Drayton Michaels of He also writes for Dog Star Daily. He is working on a documentary about pitbulls called "Judging the Innocent" that I am very excited about. We need information out there to educate people about the breed as much as possible. For more information about the info day and seminars that Happy Tails will be having go to their website at:

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Lauren Hinsman said...

Thank you. I'm so glad to know you. Orli loves you too.