Monday, April 28, 2008

It's all about the chewie

We are testing a new chewie here at our house at the request of Lauren (my new BFF) of The Loyal Biscuit. Lauren knows what a fan I am of nylabones and thought perhaps I would also love this version, fido brand that is made here in the USA. Since I have 3 super chewers here at my house who better to do a test run on them? (Nylabones and Kongs are my top 2 dog toys. No dog should be raised without them!)

They feel similar to nylabones. The one on the left is a softer version. I really like the shape.
And here is Jenny in the act of stealing one from Missy. Mine!!!She apparently wanted to test them all first. Mmm the ring is good.
Mmmm the softie is good too.
This big bone is excellent but slippery. That won't stop me though! (note the crazed look in her eye) It was like Christmas here when I handed them out. Then Jenny stole them all for her own in under 5 minutes. No worries, Missy and Jack will also partake once Jenny has calmed down abit. I will be sure to post photos of the wear they receive as we go along. Below is a photo of what Missy generally does to nylabones.

In other news I have ordered Jenny a proper tracking harness from In red as requested by her owner, my son. He says it is his favorite color and it will show up well as she works. (smart boy!)


lin said...

My dog is not that much of a chewer (which is a good thing!) I got her several sterilized bones and a Kong, but she was never that into them (I think I also tried a Nylabone). She does love real bones and bully sticks, and likes elk antlers -- sometimes. Guess she wants her chewing to result in something in her belly.

Marie said...

Try stuffing your kongs. I use peanut butter, cottage cheese or soft food along with their own kibble or other tidbits. (you can also stuff hollow bones the same way)

Unstuffed kongs don't hold much appeal for most dogs. It is about how we use them not what they are per say.

My dogs get stuffed kongs only when I leave them home. This helps keep my leaving (and their crating) a positive event in their mind and gives them something to do to keep them busy. My dogs RUN into their crates when I ask, "Who wants a kong?" They love to see me leave. :-)

Make sure the kong isn't to large or it isn't a challenge to get the inards out. (I also freeze them making it even harder to get the stuffing out.) The working to get the treat/food out is what makes it mental stimulation for the dog.

So the chewing on kongs does result in them getting goodies.

To encourge nylabone use you can either soak them in chicken broth or smear them with peanut butter until it catches on. I also always leave one in each dogs crate along with the kong so it has a back up chewie. Try buying a variety of shapes as well. Some dogs have specific preferences. (Missy likes her wishbones while Jack is a big bone sort of dog.)

I like that my dogs chew. It is a way for them to burn energy or relieve anxiety appropriatly. (Of course by having learned what to chew on instead of shoes or furniture.)

Real bones are excellent too. I have no experience with antlers. (Do they smell when wet like hooves?) Bully sticks are ok for some dogs but Missy amost choked to death on one once so I avoid them myself.

lin said...

I stuffed once or twice, and though she's food motivated, she didn't want to work to clean it out unless it was the good stuff (peanut butter, liver bits, etc.) Cottage cheese wasn't that interesting (although she'll eat it if it's in a bowl.) I've smeared peanut butter inside the bones, but again, she didn't want to reach w-a-a-y inside, and just licked what was easily attained. Which took about 2 minutes. :-)
Antlers don't smell too bad when damp, although I've heard that if they're relatively fresh, they are really smelly if you cut into them. I've soaked her older ones in hot water to try to freshen them up, then handed it to her. Miss Dog'll look up at me with a 'so?' kind of expression and then chew on it a little bit to be polite.
On the other hand, she will tear into boxes and bags to get at treats. Sometimes I've left her with a small cardboard box with treats wrapped up in newspaper so she can have at it. An eviscerating type of gal.