Friday, April 18, 2008

We have a visitor

First here is Dobby, a cute client from this week. He is a sweetie that was adopted from our local shelter that needed to learn a few manners. He is incredibly smart.
Check out these photos of my nephew Zeus. He is here for the week while my sister is away in Florida. If I don't blog much this next week now you know why. Juggling 4 dogs, 2 with issues, is oh so much fun. Thank goodness for crate training and fenced yards! Thankfully they all get along fine. What he is best at, relaxing.

He actually managed to jump all the way up on the table after I snapped this pic. He's pretty agile when he wants to be.
There's that relaxing again. Catching some rays by the door.
And he came with me to be a distraction for Jake while working at the prison.
Jake really just wanted to go play instead. It was good practice for him.

He is cute but don't look to close or you'll see his face is kinda crooked.

And Zeus with a stuffie. He is a Katrina rescue and was adopted out twice and returned before my sister took him. One adopter was even a vet tech that couldn't take his puking anymore. (he has regurge issues, skin issues, breathing issues and some aggression issues) He is also afraid on windy days, probably due to being in Katrina. (he was found with another bulldog that had been killed by a fallen tree in his yard) So you could say he is somewhat high maintence and has been expensive along the way. Thankfully she is patient with him and has managed to give him a darn good life in spite of his many quirks. (others would have sent him to the bridge long ago) As you can see he is quite small for a bulldog of that type too. Perhaps a back yard bred dog. Who knows. If only they could talk and tell us their stories.

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