Saturday, November 1, 2008

The next prison dog

Today I went to the shelter intending to do some evaluations and speak with the manager about the next dog we should send through the K-9 Corrections program. When I walked in I was greeted with "Can we send Chloie? Please, please, please?" Well that was easy! So she is headed to the prison on Monday to begin her training. I am actually relieved because I had wanted to send her myself but didn't want anyone thinking I chose her because she is an akita. (one of my own breeds) She was only there because I pulled some strings in the first place.

I had received a call to me as an akita rescue contact from another Maine shelter who had a hard time adopting out akitas. They recognised what a great dog she is and that she deserved a chance. So I worked out a deal with them and got her transferred to HSKC. We thought we had an adopter interested in her but he passed. (He said he wanted an akita but I think he wanted something more macho than her.) She is very sweet and a great dog all around. Originally surrendered because they "were done breeding her". She is only two years old! (Grrrr some people) She is just in need of some training to help make her more adoptable.

Here are a few pics:

Here on intake day. She is on the smaller side.

In one of the play yards checking things out.

Looking for attention in the kennel.

These are two puppies that were also there today. Lab mixes. Normally I might say pitbull X in there but they had a mastiff look to them in person. Already spoken for. (Yay!)

And because I also love cats, and am catless at present so I need to get my fix on occasion, here are some pics of the cats there today too. I can't believe this sweetie is still there. She looks grumpy in the pic but she was just sleepy.

In a recovery cage after spaying. She never even looked up.

Just one of the cages with kittens. (8 in this one alone)

A few relaxing on a couple of the cat shelves in the cat room. On the other side is a lower long window for them to sit at and enjoy too.

This guy was bumming dog treats from me. He practically dove into my pocket for them. He even ate a few of the Zukes brand.

Teresa also said she heard back from Dannos new person and he is doing fabulous. We made a great match. Let's hope we can do the same for Chloie.


katie said...

Chloie is beautiful! I wish her luck.

Catless huh? I can't even imagine. I got down on the floor today to try to do some stretching and was swarmed by all five of mine. There are days when I think it must be a magical thing to be catless.

Hannah said...

Those cats are all so cute! I want a cat so badly but Kurt is terribly allergic, so we got ferrets instead a few years ago, and they are fabulous, but I still want a cat. :]

Chloie is just lovely. I know you and the prison trainer will do a great job with her!